2021 Arena Capacity Tracker

Introducing an all new Arena Capacity Tracker for the 2021 season, with dated updates from all 31 NHL teams on their ability to host fans, or not, for home games this season. All updates include links to official sources to prevent misinformation.

Scroll to the bottom for a streamlined graph breakdown of estimated capacities for the teams that do allow fans, and link to our 2021 attendance logs.

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Anaheim Ducks – Team president of business operations confirmed to Bally Sports that the team will begin hosting fans at 10% capacity (1,717) beginning April 16. (4/4)

Arizona Coyotes – Team announced it has increased fan capacity from 3,450 to 7,900 (46.1%) for the remainder of this season. Had received permission to host up to 8,500 (approx 50%) from local officials, but NHL protocol (temporary restrictions on no seating behind benches and penalty box) restrict to 7,900. (4/12)

Boston Bruins – Team announced it has been approved to increase capacity from 12% to 25% (approximately 4,391) beginning on May 10. (4/27)

Buffalo Sabres – Team announced it will begin hosting fans at select home games beginning March 20, at a 10% capacity (1,907) at KeyBank Center. (2/10)

Calgary Flames – Will have most of the season without fans until local authorities ease COVID-19 restrictions. (12/9)

Carolina Hurricanes – Team announces it will welcome fans back to PNC Arena at 15% capacity (2,802) for home games beginning on March 4 vs Detroit. (12/21)

Chicago Blackhawks – Team announced they will host fans at 25% capacity for their final two home games of the season vs Dallas on May 9 and May 10. (4/29)

Colorado Avalanche – Team announced it will begin hosting a maximum of 4,050 fans (22.7%) at games beginning April 2. (3/18)

Columbus Blue Jackets – Team announced they will be hosting fans at 25% capacity (4,536) beginning March 9 vs Florida – an increase from 10% after just one game following Ohio gov’s approval. (3/3)

Dallas Stars – Team has told season ticket holders they have been approved to increase capacity for home games and will do so incrementally. Currently up to 6,014 – previously at 4,214 capacity. (4/19)

Detroit Red Wings – Team has increased their capacity from 500 to 750, matching maximums from relaxed COVID-19 measures in the state of Michigan. (2/10)

Edmonton Oilers – Will not have fans in attendance for the start of the season. (1/4)

Florida Panthers – Team has told season seat owners that the club will expand capacity to 47% (approx 9,047) for round 1 of the playoffs, and could go as high as 100% if they advance further. (4/23)

Los Angeles Kings – Team will begin hosting fans at 20% capacity (3,646) beginning on April 20. (4/14)

Minnesota Wild – Team says they will be increasing capacity to 25% (4,488) for the first round of the playoffs, up from the previous 3,000. (3/12)

Montreal Canadiens – No fans to start, but owner Geoff Molson hopes to have fans at some point this season. Team has drawn up socially-distanced plans for attendances between 4,000 and 12,000. (12/16)

Nashville Predators – Team president announced that attendance limits will increase from 15% to 1/3 capacity (33.33% = 5,704) effective immediately. (1/21)

New Jersey Devils – Team announced they are increasing capacity from 10% to 20% (3,303 or 3,600) for Friday’s game and beyond. (3/29)

New York Islanders – Team announced it will begin hosting fans at 10% capacity (1,390) starting March 18th. Isles will also host 1,000 Northwell Health frontline workers as guests at the March 11th game as a show of appreciation for their efforts over the last year fighting the pandemic. (2/24)

New York Rangers – Team intends to host 1,800 fans for every home game, beginning Feb 26 vs Boston, following NY governor Cuomo’s announcement of re-opening large stadiums and arenas at 10% capacities. (2/10)

Ottawa Senators – Ontario minister of sport Lisa MacLeod says full crowds in Sens and Leafs buildings are “very unlikely in the immediate future.” (2/10)

Philadelphia Flyers – Now operating at a capacity of 3,908 (20%), increased from previously announced 15%. (4/5)

Pittsburgh Penguins – Team announced it is increasing fan capacity from 15% to 25% (4,672) for games beginning on April 15. (4/1)

San Jose Sharks – Sharks will begin hosting fans at games at a limited capacity, around 500-1,000, and hope to increase it for each remaining home game this season. (4/26)

St. Louis Blues – Team announced capacity increase to 4,100 starting on March 26. (3/23)

Tampa Bay Lightning -Team told season-ticket members it will be increasing fan capacity to 7,000 (36.6%) for the start of this year’s playoffs. Was previously 4,200 (22.0%). (4/22)

Toronto Maple Leafs – Ontario minister of sport Lisa MacLeod says full crowds in Sens and Leafs buildings are “very unlikely in the immediate future.” (2/10)

Vancouver Canucks – Will begin the season without fans at games. (1/13)

Vegas Golden Knights – Team received approval for their submitted plan to host 50% capacity, but they will likely allow around 7,000 fans (40% ish) for their final three regular season home games. (5/1)

Washington Capitals – Announced they will begin hosting fans at 2,133 (11.5%) capacity beginning April 27. (4/12)

Winnipeg Jets – Will begin the season without fans at games. (1/6)

BOS – 2,191 – increase May 10 / FLA – currently 4,- increase for playoffs / MIN – 3,000 – increase for playoffs / TBL – 4,200 – increase for playoffs / CHI – starts May 9

^ Buffalo, Detroit, Nashville, and St. Louis have not announced public attendance figures and are thus omitted from our 2021 attendance logs and team averages.


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