Is Adam Fantilli the Next Jack Eichel?

Via Michigan Athletics In collegiate hockey, Michigan has been producing some all stars as of recently. Kyle Connor, Max Pacioretty, Matty Beniers, and many more. Currently, Michigan has some future NHL stars like Luke Hughes and Frank Nazar. One player whose having a monstrous freshman season is forward Adam Fantilli. Fantilli is scoring at anContinue reading “Is Adam Fantilli the Next Jack Eichel?”

Top 10 performances from the Hlinka-Gretzky Cup: Part Two

Via Erica Perreaux // Hockey Canada Welcome back to the second edition of the top 10 performances from the 2022-23 Hlinka-Gretzky cup. In the first part, we went over our picks numbered 10-6. Today, we will take a look at the top five players that impressed us the most from the highly touted tournament. Enjoy!Continue reading “Top 10 performances from the Hlinka-Gretzky Cup: Part Two”

What NHL Teams Drafted Best Each Draft (2000-2003)

Via Ryan Remiorz This piece will focus more on the scouting staff drafting players whether they hit where they needed, or well in the later rounds, not much of what happened afterwards, like if the player was involved in a lopsided trade, or lost rights. 2000 – Tie Between New York Rangers and Minnesota WildContinue reading “What NHL Teams Drafted Best Each Draft (2000-2003)”

The Scoring Touch’s 2022 NHL Entry Draft Consolidated Ranking

Via Picking out players for a mock draft last year was horrendous. I only got a few players right, some bold takes backfired on me hard, it was tough. Instead of a mock draft, I opted to do a consolidated list, where the teams whose own picks don’t matter, as I just rank theContinue reading “The Scoring Touch’s 2022 NHL Entry Draft Consolidated Ranking”

The Scoring Touch’s 2021 First Round NHL Mock Draft

It’s that time of year again where many young talents in the game of hockey get introduced to the NHL. This year, many prospects haven’t played full seasons, making this draft one of the hardest to scout in history. 32 (31) prospects are looking to have their name called, who do I have going inContinue reading “The Scoring Touch’s 2021 First Round NHL Mock Draft”