What NHL Teams Drafted Best Each Draft (2000-2003)

Via Ryan Remiorz This piece will focus more on the scouting staff drafting players whether they hit where they needed, or well in the later rounds, not much of what happened afterwards, like if the player was involved in a lopsided trade, or lost rights. 2000 – Tie Between New York Rangers and Minnesota WildContinue reading “What NHL Teams Drafted Best Each Draft (2000-2003)”

A New Look for the 2022-23 Calgary Flames

Via Frank Franklin The off-season has been rough for Flames fans. On July 13th, the teams star player Johnny Gaudreau declined an eight year, $84-million contract and left Calgary to sign with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Since Gaudreau was not traded, and simply signed with Columbus, Calgary received nothing but a hole in its roster.Continue reading “A New Look for the 2022-23 Calgary Flames”

Anaheim Ducks Representatives at the 2022 World Juniors

Via Hockey Canada The NHL has Stanley Cup contenders and basement teams every season. The Anaheim Ducks find themselves somewhere in the middle of that spectrum – as a rebuilder. For a team that hasn’t qualified for the playoffs since the 2018-2019 season, and for a team which hasn’t won a playoff game since 2017,Continue reading “Anaheim Ducks Representatives at the 2022 World Juniors”

Evaluating the 2022-2023 Dallas Stars Defense Core: Coaching

Via Jerome Miron- USA Today The 2022-2023 Dallas defense is shaping up to be drastically different than it did in previous years. What are those changes and how does this group stack up with its predecessors? This will be a three part series that will discuss the changes in: Coaching, Free Agency, and Internal Development.Continue reading “Evaluating the 2022-2023 Dallas Stars Defense Core: Coaching”